For Teens and Parents
Saving money isn't nearly as important as saving a life, but with roadCODES | Teen you can do both.

Insurance rates keep rising and every little bit you can do to stem the increases is important. It's possible that your insurance agent will offer you a discount for using roadCODES | Teen, but the real savings will show up in the long term with fewer violations and fender benders.

The system is about accountability -- your teen WILL understand that, especially if it's the only way they can get the keys.

How It Works
You've seen the stickers on the back of trucks, taxis and fleet cars. This is a program aimed at the teen market. You sign up and receive a sticker in the mail in a couple of days. Along with the sticker you'll receive a list of topics to cover (and how to approach them) in the talk with your teen before they affix the sticker to the bumper of their car. From that point forward, they'll know that they better be thinking about the driving or you'll find out about it. 

What It Includes
Each order includes a high-quality bumper sticker with a unique "roadCODE" along with a web address and toll-free number for other drivers to report dangerous or inattentive driving. In addition to the sticker, we'll include a "chat starter" for you and your teen. They need to know that you're concerned for them and that this is a positive act for both of you. The topics and strategies we include in this simple pamphlet will help you get started.

Call us at 1-800-927-6121 for more information.
teen art

 Nothing was working with our lead-footed daughter.
We told her, "it's roadCODES or your old bike".
Last week we got a compliment on her driving!
Thanks roadCODES!

- E.M. (St. Paul, MN)

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