For Fleet Managers
You run a tight organization. Every time your fleet suffers an accident it takes time and money to get it straightened out. These problems can go away. How does a 40% reduction in this sort of thing sound? It's possible. It's even likely. A number of studies have shown that stickering systems like the roadCODES system can eliminate many of your headaches, leaving you better prepared to meet the non-incident challenges your day will bring.

Identifying and isolating the less than safe drivers on the payroll affords you the opportunity to keep a good name on your organization. Nothing hurts your bottom line more than a front page story -- with a picture, about an accident involving one of your vehicles.
How It Works
Your drivers are your lifeline, moving your and your customers' products over the roads. They are also the most visible agents of your brand. Most of them are probably courteous and safe in their jobs, but how can you know for sure? How long can you continue not knowing for sure? It's really quite simple -- put a sticker on the back of the vehicle and they'll drive better. They'll drive better or you will know about it. Either way you'll sleep better with the sticker.
Our system feeds you all the information you need to monitor the drivers in your fleet (in all sorts of ways -- pick the ones that fit your lifestyle).
What It Includes
Each order includes a high-quality bumper sticker with a unique "roadCODE" along with a web address and toll-free number for other drivers to report dangerous or inattentive driving. In addition to the sticker, we'll include a "system starter" for you and your fleet. They need to know that you're concerned for them and the company and that this is a positive act for the entire organization. The topics and strategies we include in this simple pamphlet will help you get started.

Call us at 1-800-927-6121 for more information.
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 roadCODES delivers on its rather weighty promises -- every time.

- E.T. (SLC, UT)

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