is a division of Freemind Software Solutions. We build systems for your business.

We're constantly striving to find elegantly simple solutions to issues that people deal with every day. As technology evolves, new possibilities present themselves. We specialize in identifying opportunities and using them to improve lives and bottom lines.

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The Team
James Swanson, co-founder and CEO,
James Swanson has 11 years of software development and software development management experience. He is currently working towards a Masters degree in Software Engineering at St. Thomas University. He has designed and developed a variety of commercially sold software products starting with a market-leading litigator’s workstation for Quorum Litigation, a telnet-based terminal emulation system for J. River Corporation, and a web-based e-commerce system for distributing, licensing and selling software and music via the internet.

More recently, he has been developing a web-based data warehousing system for a publishing house, a global key-account interview and analysis tool for 3M corporate marketing, and secure internet-based litigation document repository systems for Quorum Lanier.

Ira Mitchell, co-founder and President,
Ira Mitchell has been in web development since 1996 in management and code-writing capacities. After a stint in software testing in the late nineties, he returned to the web and has never looked back. He was an early employee of BigCharts and a director at before moving into consulting where he has played pivotal roles in a number of high-profile projects.
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