We understand technology. We're always searching for ways to creatively leverage new and existing technology for the fleet and trucking industry.

We offer high-end reporting options to our clients and a number of methods for reporting dangerous activity on the roads. We're in the process of developing even more options to appear in the coming months.

It's about options, accuracy and most importantly -- safety.
  • Expect accident reductions from 10% to 40% in the first year.
  • Decreased vehicle damage.
  • Increased fuel economy (how important is that with today's fuel prices?)
  • Increased tire wear.
  • Lower mechanical-breakdown rates.
  • Speed cameras and red-light cameras issue fines to the vehicle owner.
  • Show your customers (and prospective customers) that you care about safety; theirs and their cargo.
  • Many insurance companies will more than underwrite the minimal costs of the program.
  • With the smallest and largest fleets you WILL see the benefit on your bottom line.
  • Spend less time dealing with accidents and insurance issues.
  • Identify your problem operators so you can concentrate your efforts on building your business.
Our fees are the lowest in the market, but we're not short on service or features. We keep our fees down by staying ahead of the technology curve and by keeping our "people costs" to a minimum. You're not going to gain any benefit from having a live person take a phone call. We record all of the incident reports and optionally forward them to you directly (on top of the fully customizable reporting functionality we offer). We pass this savings on to you.

We offer the most technologically advanced system and the most reporting and notification options. By investing in our technical infrastructure, we're sure we can provide the best system of it's kind.

Choose your market below to see our rates and learn more about our targeted and economical options for your business or family.

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