Last modified: February 19, 2006.

RoadCodes, Inc. is committed to providing service that exceeds expectations. This includes maintaining your privacy and that of the members of your family, when it comes to use of any "personally identifiable information" you may voluntarily provide us via the Internet or otherwise.

This explanation of our privacy policy answers the following questions:

# How and what kinds of information does RoadCodes, Inc. and its affiliated entities collect?
# How is this information used?
# What can customers do to retain their privacy?
# What special policies, precautions and safeguards are employed with regard to children?

Gathering Information
Personally identifiable information is collected by RoadCodes when you decide to place an order (personally or as gifts for others), enter a contest, participate in a survey, or make a general inquiry. The information collected when you order from us or enter a contest includes some or all of the following: name, address, phone / fax number, e-mail address and credit card information. With regard to credit card information, we employ the Internet's strongest encryption tools and technology, allowing your transaction to be instantaneous, while as secure as possible from unauthorized access or misuse.

It is important for you to understand that no personally identifiable information can be captured or retrieved by RoadCodes unless you directly volunteer it. When you access one of our web sites, our server cannot identify "where you're from," nor are we able to identify "who you are." RoadCodes does not passively collect any information, particularly your e-mail address, and does not use "cookies" for storing or collecting any information. The cookies are used solely for the visitors' ease of access back into the respective web sites.

Uses of Information
The fundamental (and essential) use of the information we collect is to respond and fulfill your needs as a customer or prospective customer. In other words, the information is necessary and is used by us to send you the magazines, books or other products you have ordered, to process your payment, to fulfill your request to enter a contest, to acknowledge your interest in participating in a survey, or to resolve the customer service matter or other inquiry you have brought to our attention.

Demographic and other information volunteered in connection with surveys is used primarily for internal purposes to improve the company's responsiveness to customers' wants, needs, interests, opinions and suggestions. On occasion, the aggregate findings and results of such surveys may be published as a matter of interest to the hobbyists/respondents who provided the information, and/or for the benefit of trade associations or others who may occasionally sponsor such surveys. Demographic information volunteered via surveys is captured "blind" with respect to any personally identifiable information provided by individual survey respondents, and is not linked in any way with such information. Information volunteered by you in any message or postings on RoadCodes-provided forums, discussion/bulletin boards, club membership sites, event calendars, etc., becomes public information. You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information in any such posted message.

Maintaining Your Personal Privacy
At the time you volunteer personally identifiable information and at anytime thereafter, you can direct us not to use this information for promotional or informational mailings. At your option, you may also elect to suppress the mailing of renewal notices for any of our magazines. If you do so, your personally identifiable information will be flagged in our system as "no promotion" to correspond with your request, and you will be excluded from the related RoadCodes mailings. You can also elect separately to be excluded from mailings by any third party to whom your address might otherwise be provided. Simply let us know, and we'll be happy to tailor things according to the degree of privacy you may choose!

You can, at any time, send such directions to our Customer Service Department at RoadCodes, Inc., 4532 Majestic Oaks Place, Eagan MN 55123, or simply contact us at or Customer Service can also be reached by calling toll-free, 800.927.6121.

Special Privacy Protections and Safeguards for Minors
Although we can ask all children to please ask your parents for permission before sending any information about yourself over the Internet, it is not possible -- within the capability of current technology -- for anyone to know for certain who is transacting business with them online. We cannot and do not require minors to provide or disclose more information than is necessary from any other customer in their dealings with us. RoadCodes does not directly market to children or other minors.

To promote parental awareness and consent to our use of any personally identifiable information submitted by minors, we take special measures to confirm all orders received online. For prepaid orders, a valid credit card number and expiration date is required before any of the personally identifiable information is captured.

For other transactions such as those where we have provided online customers with the option to order and "bill me later," we will - in the very near future -- take special steps to directly notify parents and to obtain verifiable parental consent. We will do this by sending a confirming postcard addressed to the "resident" ( not to the attention / name of the individual) at the address provided with the order. The postcard will display the information provided for the parent/resident's review, advising them that they may request to have it deleted, disallowing any further use of the information. The postcard reiterates the procedures and options spelled out in the section above on "Maintaining Your Personal Privacy," which parents can follow as safeguards against use of the personally identifiable information for unwanted promotions and solicitations. This includes the option for the parent to agree to the collection and use of the information by RoadCodes to fulfill the minor's order, with or without additional parental consent for RoadCodes to provide the information to reputable third parties, subject to the controls and criteria specified by our privacy policy.

RoadCodes, Inc.
Customer Service Department
4532 Majestic Oaks Place
Suite 200
Eagan, MN 55123
800.927.6121 (US & Canada)

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